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Today in History Belgium surrendered unconditionally to the German Army in 1940.

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The question

What was the date of the attack on pearl harbour?

The Answer was 7th of December 1941, Well done to all who got 
it right.

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23rd May 1945

Heinrich Himmler the head of the Nazi Gestapo committed suicide while in custody of the Allied Forces.

Also the quote of the day by Winston Churchill:

I never worry about action, but only inaction.

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Today in history

1939- Germany and Italy sign the pact of steel an agreement in 2 parts the first part of the agreement was an open declaration of trust and cooperation between the 2 countries.

The second part was a union of policies concerning the military and economy.

Also Today Mexico joins the war on the side of the allies in 1942.

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First Fallschirmjäger drop onto Crete

Today in history the first Fallschirmjäger (German Paratroopers)  dropped onto the Greek island of Crete.

The men defending the island were the New Zealanders, Australians, British and the Greeks.

Commanders of the battle were:

Allies: Bernard Freyberg       Axis: Kurt Student

Although the battle was an massive allied defeat the Germans never tried another aiborne invasion for the rest of the war.

Men Lost:

Allies lost:  3,990       German lost: 6,698

The surviving soldiers from the island of Crete evacuated to Egypt, Over 4 nights 16,000 men were evacuated to Egypt.

(Might add more on this later, It was a big battle)

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Today in history

19th May:

1943–Prime Minister Winston Churchill  and President Franklin Roosevelt  said that Monday May 1st would be  the date for Operation Overlord But due to bad weather the operation was postponed almost a month before the landings on the Normandy Peninsula.

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Quick Post

Today in history:

The Royal Air Force (RAF) successfully drop their bouncing bombs on the dams of Germany. This operation was Codenamed Operation Chasite, And will become famous and the men who participated in Operation Chasite will be known as The Dam Busters.

Making another Diorama:

Started my next diorama, Im going to be finished soon so when I am I will post the pics.

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Today in History

13th May:

1941: Yugoslav royal colonel Dragoljub Mihailović starts fighting with German occupation troops, beginning the Serbian resistance.

1943 : German Afrika Korps and Italian troops in North Africa surrender to Allied forces.

Thank you vanguard for giving me today’s today in history.

Please read the 2 posts below this:

Tribute to 211 LAA

New Author

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Tribute to 211 LAA RA

A almost forgotten unit the 211 LAA was after the war, their men died and saw hell yet they aren’t remembered in records or anything so I would like to post this tribute to the men of 211 LAA RA.

Pictures Copyrighted © Remembrancewwii 2010

(My Personal Photos of 211 LAA)

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Remember the 211 LAA!


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New Author

Im thinking of employing an author to help with the posts and all that.

If you are interested please comment and say why you would like to be an author on my site and what you know about the second world war.

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