Operation Overlord (D-Day)

Operation Overlord or was most famously known as D-Day.

Overlord was the combined forces of the British, American and Canadian Forces invading the Normandy peninsula.

While 33,000 men invaded the beaches codenamed Sword, Juno, Omaha, Gold  and Utah, the night before thousands of Allied Paratroopers dropped behind enemy lines to sabotage German artillery and block off German Reinforcements from reaching the beaches.

In the end the invasion was successful and the Allies had finally gotten a foothold in Fortress Europa and would start the push to Nazi Germany.

(More to be added soon)

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  1. Good job. Remembering Omaha, the bloodiest of the 5 operations. Remembering the Paratroopers, who most died because of parachute complications, landing in trees, or being shot at whilst in air/blown away by wind. Remembering the several thousand Marines killed on those 5 beaches that night of June 6th 1944. Remembering the most worthless waste of Marine Corps life just to just BARELY end in a win; damn near became a draw. Remembering the Marines who were smart enough NOT to stay in the boats and instead jump in the water to avoid being shot as soon as the boat door opened. Remembering the marines cold and dead on the beach that cause blood to contaminate the water for damn near 2 miles away from the beach. Good work ;D

  2. D-Day Was Crazy On Omaha.It Was One Of The Bloodiest Wars in WW2! I’m So Glad I Didn’t Have To Go there.God Bless The Young Men How Had to fight there they were only about 18-27 around there.So Thank you for what they did.

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