Operation Market Garden

Operation Market Garden was the Allied invasion of Holland on September 17 1944  and also the biggest airborne drop of all time in hope to cross the Rhine and end the war by Christmas.

The operation was successful at first and several bridges were captured but troops on the ground were delayed so the airborne divisions lost ground without they’re support and on the 25th of September the Allies were forced to Retreat.

Allied Losses: 15 100 – 17 200

German Losses: 7 500 – 10 000

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  1. You’re awesome. FYI. Plus I have never heard of Operation Market Garden, so there we go. Thanks for teaching me something new today. 🙂

  2. Neither have I. And I’m suppose to be the War Fanatic! D:<

  3. uh you have never heard of one of the biggest british-american exploits of the war? you might have seen the film a bridge too far well yeh this is it

    • Yes i have seen the movie and heard of the British-American exploits of the war.
      Thanks for Commenting.


  4. The Airborne Really Helped Alot During WW2

  5. Hi Ubique,
    I had a look at your blog and I like the way you inform about the war, etc. – short and sweet!
    Thanks for this post about D-day.
    Keep it up – I’ll be back!
    And thanks for looking at my stuff.

  6. I wanted to say: Thanks for this post and the one about D-day.

  7. Hello,

    Love the blog 😀

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